Multifunctional farm

For a New Beginning

With Tradition and Knowledge

With Technology as an Advisor

Offering Goods with Respect to Nature

The vision of imfarms, for its evolution, is to add the appropriate infrastructure to the primary production, making it one farm that offers multiple services. These services will be the visitiable farm, that is, the potential customer of the farm will be able to come and see how his vegetables are produced and trained if he wants to in the way of production, yet in the farm there will be cultural, sports and social activities through which we will promote the bonding of human relationships on a social level and all this within a space which promotes environmental protection and the union of man with nature again. Yet another important area will be the research and the subsequent application of the results, in various sectors, agricultural, energy and technological, but also from other areas very essential to our livelihoods such as house construction and health.

  1. Hydroponics Greenhouse 1
  2. Hydroponics Greenhouse 2
  3. Netgreenhouse
  4. Warehouse
  5. Bathrooms
  6. Presentation room
  7. Educational greenhouse
  8. Photovoltaic park
  9. Aromatic garden
  10. Edible forest
  11. Mushroom area
  12. Vineyard
  13. Crop area

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